J. S. Bach


  • French Suite in C minor, English Suite in A minor, Toccata in C minor

  • Prelude and Fugue in C major, C minor, D major, E major, G minor, B flat major from Well-Tempered Clavier I book

  • Prelude and Fugue in C minor, D minor, F-sharp minor, A minor from Well-Tempered Clavier II book

  • Partita in C minor


J. Haydn


  • Sonata in D major Hob:33, E minor Hob:34, C major Hob: 50


W. A. Mozart


  • Sonata K 545 in C major, K 331 in A major

  • Fantasy in D minor K 397


L. v. Beethoven


  • Sonata op. 2 No. 1 in F minor, op. 2 No. 3 in C major, op. 13 in C minor, op. 26 in A flat major, op. 27 No. 2 in C flat minor, op. 31 No. 2 in D minor, op. 110 in A flat major

  • 32 Variations


F. Chopin


  • Etudes op. 10 no: 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12; op. 25 no: 2, 3, 5, 10, 12

  • Scherzo in C sharp minor, in E major

  • Nocturne op. 55 No. 2 in E flat major

  • Ballade No. 4, op. 52 in F minor

  • Sonata No. 2, op. 35 in B flat minor


F. Liszt


  • Hungarian Rhapsody No. 13, No. 15

  • 6 Consolations

  • Sonate-Fantasie Apres une lecture du Dante

  • Transcendental Etudes: No. 7 Eroica, No. 8 Wilde Jagd, No. 10 in F minor, No. 11 Harmonies du Soir, No. 12 Chasse-Neige

  • Sonetto 123 del Petrarca

  • Schubert-Liszt: Gretchen am Spinnrad


J. Brahms


  • Rhapsodies op. 79 in G minor, H minor

  • Four Ballades op. 10

  • Fantasies op. 116


F. Schubert


  • Wanderer Fantasie

  • 3 Piano Pieces

  • Imprompties op. 90 in E flat major, G flat major, A flat major


R. Schumann


  • Papillons op. 2

  • Kinderszenen op. 15

  • Piano Sonata No. 2 in G minor

  • Faschingsschwank aus Wien op. 26

  • Drei Fantasiestücke op. 111


A Scriabin


  • Preludes op. 11

  • 2 Poemes op. 32

  • Sonata-Fantasy No. 2 op. 19 in G sharp minor

  • Etudes op. 8: F sharp minor, E major, G sharp minor; op. 42: C sharp minor


S Rachmaninoff:


  • Preludes op. 23: in D major, G minor, E flat major, C minor; op. 32: in G major, B minor, G sharp minor

  • Sonata No. 1 in D minor

  • Etudes-Tableaux op.33: in F minor, C major, E flat major; op. 39: in E flat minor, C minor


S. Prokofieff:


  • Suggestion diabolique

  • Sonata No. 4 in C minor, op. 29

  • Toccata in D minor


D. Despic:


  • Nocturne


M. Aleksic:


  • Frammenti 2 (dedicated to Mihajlo Zurkovic)


V. Mokranjac:


  • Etudes in B flat minor, G sharp minor



Works for piano and orchestra


  • W. A. Mozart: Concertos K 414 in A major, K 488 in A major, K 466 in D minor

  • L. v. Beethoven: Concerto Nr. 5 in E flat major

  • F. Chopin: Concerto in F minor

  • F. Liszt: Concertos Nr. 1 in E flat major, Nr. 2 in A major

  • E. Grieg: Concerto in A minor

  • S. Rachmaninoff: Concerto Nr. 1 in F sharp minor

  • S. Prokofieff: Concerto Nr. 1 in D flat major

  • A. Scriabin: Concerto in F sharp minor

  • B. Bartok: Concerto Nr. 3



Chamber music


  • Piano duo


W. A. Mozart: Sonata for 2 pianos in D major, Piano sonata for 4 hands in C major, D. Milhaud: Scaramouche, I. Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring, Petrushka, W. Lutoslawsky: Variations on the theme of Paganini


  • Violine/Piano


W.A.Mozart: Sonatas in E minor, G major, C major, B-flat major; L.v.Beehtoven: Sonata op.12 nr.1 in D major; R. Schumann: Sonata in A minor; C. Frank: Sonata in A major, J. Brahms: Sonata in F minor; C. Debussy: Sonata


  • Cello/Piano


L.v.Beethoven: Sonatas in D major, A major, C major; Schumann: Fantasiestucke, C. Debussy: Sonata; S. Prokofieff: Sonata


  • Voice/Piano


Different recitals, from old masters to contemporary music


  • J. Brahms: Piano quintett